Lady Alchemy is "Uniting the truth with the beautiful" by combining performance art & Alchemical symbolism. Paper Magazine included her performance in "I Want Them To Turn Black" as one of the top 10 must-see art openings in NYC. 


Lady Alchemy is a self-initiate in Esoteric tradition. She also attended NYU for mathematics, and is trained in theare and ballet.  She studied mathematics at NYU for 10 years while at the same time pursuing the performing arts, staring in local theatre productions.  She then began creating her own costumes and performances performing in NYC as Lady Alchemy.   performing events  for "King Cobra" movie premiere starring  James Franco and Salvatore Ferragamo's NYC Fashion Week event. 

She is most passionate about pursuing truth; by way of  Esoteric tradition much like her favorite Alchemists in History; Leonardo Da Vinci & Isaac Newton. These studies then inspire her 'Great Work' to produce performance art with great depth and immediate symbolism. She finds math & science to be a form of art and abstract thought.  "For Science is but an image of the truth" —Sir Francis Bacon.  


Alchemy and origins of science was  not like modern science, but also a  philosophy.   Both inner and outer work  is necessary.  modern science has gone astray from a very important aspect of understanding the mysteries of the universe, it is important to not forget about the "inner work".  Carl Jung brings to light some inner Alchemical work.   Combining her Alchemical knowledge with her experience in stagecraft, Lady Alchemy shares with the world her insights  through live performance, photography, text, video  and experimental art forms.   It is this drive to share such liberating principles with others that is Lady Alchemy's catalyst for her work. "When I die, it won't matter. Life will move on", she has said in an interview  "I've given myself to the work, and have given it to others. If someone can awaken from the matrix through my work, then I’ve served my purpose."